Marios Seretis
I start my Kung Fu training back in 1985 in Athens, Greece, under the guidance of Master Hassan Bashir. I follow the teaching methods and practice guidance of Master Bashir for more than ten years. With Master Bashir, I practiced the traditional Kung Fu styles of Chang Quan, Shaolin Quan and fighting technics. In 1994 under the suggestion of Master Bashir and the help of my Kung Fu brother, Shifu Panagiotis Derventis, I went to Beijing to study under Master Guo XianHe, the traditional Ying Shou Quan (Eagle Claw). Master Guo’s father was Guo Shutang, disciple of Great Grand Master Chen ZiZheng. Between 1994 to 1996 I became the assistant instructor at the Kung Fu school of Master Bashir in Israel. In 1996 i start teaching Kunf Fu in Spain, where I lived for more than ten years promoting and teaching the traditional Chinese Martial Arts. At the same time I studied the Traditional Chinese Medicine, for a better understanding of the Qi Gong and TaiJiQuan physiology. At 2006 during an international competition in Hong Kong I met Master Lung KaiMing, who’s father, Lung ChiCheung, was one of the best disciples of Great Grand Master Ku YuCheung (Gu RuZhang). With Master Lung i studied in depth the Northern Shaolin Fist, traditional Shaolin weapons and the Koo’s style of TaiJiQuan. In 2007 I came back to my natal city, Athens, where I established the Athletic Association of Chinese Martial Arts ” Art of Eagle Claw”. Since then I keep the daily training program that includes regular classes of Traditional Kung Fu in Northern Shaolin and Ying Shou Quan, TaiJiQuan, SanDa and QiGong. I would like to thanks my teachers who where the guiding light to my Kung Fu road. Also to  my Kung Fu brothers, and to all the students that follow me all these years, to study under me, the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. And last but not least my wife Nati and my daughter Athina.

Thank you so much.


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